Welcome to the Encyclopedia Galactica, a comprehensive multi-volume collection of knowledge and information regarding The Galaxy. The Encyclopedia Galactica serves as the ultimate repository of information regarding The Galaxy and all of its inhabitants, histories, cultures, sciences, civilizations, planets, stars, and more.

Each volume of the Encyclopedia Galactica delves into a specific section of The Galaxy at specific points in their history. For example, Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia Galactica covers the Arielans before their first interaction with other lifeforms. The volumes discuss the complex lives of people in these areas, the scientific discoveries associated with them, and the events and phenomena that occurred.

The Encyclopedia Galactica captures the knowledge of accumulated explorers, scientists, scholars, and historians from across The Galaxy. Because of this the Encyclopedia Galactica offers a comprehensive understanding of The Galaxy to any reader, painting a rich tapestry of The Galaxy. For nearly a millennia we have kept true to our mission to provide The Galaxy with utmost factual information, and we hope to continue to hold true to that mission for another millennia more.

The Galaxy awaits!

Volume 1: The Galaxy at Large

Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia Galactica, titled The Galaxy at Large, serves as an introduction to The Galaxy. Volume 1 primarily serves as an index of phenomena and celestial bodies throughout The Galaxy, in other words the galactography of The Galaxy. Volume 1 is the conglomerate work of billions who have explored, researched, and documented The Galaxy since before even the first contact was made.

Volume Two: Pre-Contact Ariel

Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia Galactica, titled Pre-contact Ariel, dives into the Little M. solar system before their first contact with sophonts outside of the Ariel system.

Volume Three: Pre-Contact Chrysan

Volume Four: Pre-Contact Gazania

Volume Five: Pre-Contact Tyr

Volume Six: Pre-Contact Wotan

Volume Seven: Pre-Contact Zemyna

Volume Eight: Galactic Visitors

Volume Nine: The Post-Contact Galaxy

Volume Ten: The Modern Galaxy